Mortgage lenders categorized!

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Mortgage Lenders categories

Mortgage lenders come in many varieties in the world of loans. Many borrowers are unaware of these variations. They can be divided into three categories: 1. From “A Lenders”2. Alternative lenders, or “B Lenders”3. Loans … Read More

Mortgage Advice 1

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Credit Score No matter where you get a mortgage, you should aim for at least a 680 credit score for at least one borrower (or guarantor), especially if you put less than 20% down. A … Read More

Mortgage rate hike?

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Mortgage rate hike is inevitable. The only question is, when. Position Yourself with knowledge and a MortgagePRO Ltd. in Your corner. Do not make any mistakes, they are expensive.

Are Private Mortgages for me?

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Mortgage Lenders categories

What is a private lender mortgage? Private mortgages are loans made between private individuals to finance a new, refinance an old mortgage. The lender, who is usually a friend, relative, colleague, or investment firm, will … Read More

How to Calculate LTV (Loan to Value!)

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Mortgage Lenders categories

You need to know what is the current LTV (Loan to Value) if you are considering securing a home equity loan. And where should it go, in order to meet Your needs.  Difference between appraised … Read More