CHIP aka Reversed Mortgages

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CHIP the no payment mortgage

A letter to me from the Regional Manager of Home Equity! Read all very carefully and if you think you can benefit from my services, please call or email and I will be more than … Read More

Mortgage News for you to make better decision

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Mortgage Professionals Canada was invited by the Minister of Finance’s office to the attend today’s budget lock-up in Ottawa. As a result of our advocacy efforts, we are pleased that the government has not introduced … Read More

Same day cash loan up to $10,000

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Loan in Calgary

Pay Day loan Alternative! Once you are in the need of cash, not many places you can go. One is Payday Loan companies, but the cost is tremendous. Of course, it is always cost to … Read More

Home Owners Emergency cash loans

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Pay-day-loans are great for emergency, however it must be paid back in a short time, placing you back into the same position you were when you were seeking out a loan. With Happy Loan Corp. … Read More