Low Rate Mortgages – A massive impact on your overall financial health

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 Landing up in the dream house at low rate mortgages is the ultimate aim for many. Getting the right deal at the right time can influence your financial situation in the near future. Before deciding to purchase a house, it is advisable to compare between the mortgage rates that are currently available in the market. As market research suggests, the mortgage rates for the houses are at a historic low in the year 2016. Coming off as really good news for people planning to buy a house, it is high time that people start consulting the professionals and get their help before fixing the mortgage rate.

Landing up a low rate mortgage

Market experts, after thorough research have been stating that, it is a good time for people to start investing in real estates. They also state that, the rates might work in favour even if they wait for some time. All in all, the time is ripe for you to invest in the dream house that you have long wanted.
Before you decide how, here are few steps that you need to take before signing on the dotted lines for the mortgage deal.

  • Compare the rates that have been put forth to you
  • Make changes to your credit score to sell them up
  • Start saving up to increase the down payment you wish to pay
  • Decide upon the time period of your stay in the house


What are credit scores?

Credit scores of a person will give an overview of the financial worthiness of the person. Realtors, banks, credit card companies and lenders consider the credit score of the person before moving ahead to make a business with them. If they feel that the credit score of the person works well for them, they would consider dealing with them. Many of the mortgage brokers in Calgary have been emphasising the need for good credit scores for their clients. It has been well established that, if you plan to apply for a loan to buy the house, a good credit score would lead to affordable and better interest rates. Loan options tend to grow big with higher credit scores.

Debt-income ratio in mortgages

People who lend you money calculate what is called as the debt-income ratio. According to this, the mortgage lenders would be able to measure the capability of an individual to pay monthly instalments to repay the debts. This is done by taking in the annual and the monthly income of the individual. You would be able to land up with best rates mortgages if your debt-income ratio turns out to be good.

Getting the right mortgage broker

Getting affordable and better low rates mortgages to people have been the work of many of the mortgage brokers in Calgary. Anyone can advice you on choosing the mortgage rates but only a professional like Mymortgagepros can help you in getting the right mortgage rate for the house you have been looking for. Choose from the best brokers in Calgary if you wish to get down with this for a long time. Give a call and book and appointment for a free consultation.


Lower mortgage rates can be fixed only by the professionals and by those who are well versed with the system. Get the help of the best mortgage brokers in Calgary and ensure a safe future for yourself today.
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