Rates and products or how to save a bundle on mortgage interest

Zoltan PadarNews

Mortgage Professional Team Clagary

Mortgage brokers in love with variable rate mortgages. I am at least as I think they are the best products available, and they do save you. Thousands! Still most people chose to go into fixed rate products, wonder who is the professional here?
“We are in a very stable rate environment and it has been stable for many years! I believe it will continue for many more years to come, according to ” Zoltan M. Padar president of MortgagePRO Ltd. “ Canadians are prudent! Lenders are not about to raise their rate overnight, endangering borrowers and affordability, resulting foreclosures. Many foreclosures”  He also said “With fixed rates near historic lows, Canadians see an opportunity to lock in for a number of years at any time they fill the rates are going out of hands. That is why so important your enlist the services of a Mortgage Brokerage, be secured, educated and get the right advice from them when you needed the most” 
“Forty eight percent of people chose the fixed option” according to Zoltan J. Padar , trusted mortgage adviser and in-house realtor at MortgagePRO “ thirty one percent loves variable products and the rest undecided. Now that is dangerous, you will not make a good decision without the facts. That is the reason we have providing our clients advice and information. Our web site is open to all, visit and get informed” he said as he believes smart home owner frequents this site and understand more!

Now, do not forget: most people still just walk in their bank and get a mortgage, without getting a second opinion and or without look other offers. Common mistake, however it is also costly mistake. A Mortgage Broker has all the newest product, rates and other information to be able to give you a choice when you purchase and or refinance your property. While your bank has only once choice; no matter how you look at it, Mortgage Brokers will bring you plenty of choice, as they are dealing with all the lenders across not only in your neighborhood, but across Canada.