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Solid advice and prudent planning make all the difference.

As Canadians adjust their home-buying strategies, professional advice is paramount to ensure they understand their options and what is possible, MortgagePRO brokers say.

An advisor can help sort through financing options, set up a savings plan for a down payment, and work through a mortgage approval. They can also explain the many programs available to aid in home ownership, including tax credits and the new federal tax-free First Home Savings Account.

“It is never too early to start, and getting the right advice is so important,” MortgagePRO Zoltan J Padar says. “Ensure that you’re working with someone that understands your goals and your timelines and can really help you see the end stage and that goal in the future.”

For first-time homebuyers, it really is important to plan ahead, he says, including pre-approval for a mortgage, which doesn’t guarantee formal approval but gives buyers an idea of what they can afford.

For current homeowners, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions of their existing mortgage so they can explore financing options for changing or renewing, she adds.

There are several online tools to help Canadians visualize their path to homeownership. Institutional Lenders, B Lenders, Alt Lenders, Private Lenders, mortgage affordability calculator and budget calculators can help you get started today.

You do not have to be our client, to get sound professional advice, just have the desire to learn to make better decision. We offer FREE Advice and if needed to help you to get your goal, lead you on the path to home ownership, to refinance for a better option, even help you to get a needed home equity loan.