protect your home

protect your family


When it comes to the long list of important things you have to think about when buying a new home, insurance for your mortgage is likely not at the top. But an unexpected accident, illness or death can quickly change that.

It’s only natural to want to avoid unnecessary costs at a time like this, but insurance is not “unnecessary” – especially in a situation where you already feel like you’ll be financially stretched. If you’re going to have to work hard to make ends meet now, what would happen if one of the family breadwinners were to die or become disabled? How would you continue to meet the mortgage payments with only one income, or with none?


Buying a Mortgage Protection Plan is virtually the only way to guarantee that you are protected. Once you complete an application and provide the premium collection instructions, YOU ARE COVERED – no matter what your health situation is, and for any mortgage less than a million dollars. Your Mortgage Protection Plan stays with you even if you sell your home, adjust your mortgage, or switch to a different lender.

AND… the Mortgage Protection Plan costs you less than the insurance you will get from the bank! The rates are very competitive and normally much lower than what the banks offer. Contact our office at 403-253-2022 and we will provide a comparative anlysis on request.

For complete details about the Mortgage Protection Plan, download our MPP-Insider document or contact our office at 403-253-2022 to have one of our associates explain how the Mortgage Protection Plan safeguards you and your family.