How mortgage pre-approvals work and what are the reasons

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Now you have decided to purchase a property, for you family or for investment, no matter the reason, but you have no idea if you will qualify for a mortgage or not as you are not a professional mortgage broker like us. You don’t even know if your credit qualifies you or how much are you qualified for. Therefore you might just wasting your time looking at $800,000 homes, when you only qualify for a $600,000 home, based on the size of your down payment and earning. You don’t even know there are lenders give you a hundred percent mortgage, with no down payment. Why? Because you are not a professional mortgage broker. We are. Our unique ability to combine bank and private funds let us go where others can not. Do yourself a favor, go online and ask for your free consultation with one of our professionals and get informed, analyze YOUR your situation and request and get straight answer what you can and can to afford. Even if you go to your bank, please believe me, they have THEIR best interest in mind, not yours. Any case a second opinion for FREE, might be a way to save a lot of headache and get not only the right rate, but the right mortgage product, fits your interest and not of the lender. Well informed clients make better decision, guaranteed.  Read on mortgages on our mortgage education website and enjoy the saving.