Mortgage Bundle.

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Not all of Us have the best credit,
but All of Us have the right to own a Home!

When you can’t qualify BANKS stringent guidelines, we have a creative way to get your mortgage approved. Mortgage Bundle. Simple, and it worked for 20 years! It might work for you too.

How it works and what can we do about it.

One of the most important pieces of information, what You need to know, is that Conventional Lenders MUST obtain Mortgage Insurance, regulated by law in Canada. If You put less than 20% down payment when You purchase a property, or have less then 20% equity when refinance an old mortgage. No exception! That is the law!

So, what happens when Your credit and Your income does not fit these qualifying requirements? Do You just give Up? No. Ask all about:


-we collect basic information from You through our online, secured Application
-once we get the application, we will call You and discuss Your options
-we will provide You with an offer from a B lender, up to the max Loan to Value possible they will go to, for the best possible rate.

Most probable 1st mortgage scenarios:
Up To 75% Loan to Value.
Rates between 5.75% to 9.99%

If we need to go to 80-85% (Only Private lenders can do) loan to value, we provide a second mortgage for the desired amount with rates at:

80-85% starting at 12%

Advantages of Mortgage Bundles are great:

-allows alterative ways to verify Your income
-not expecting Your Credit to be perfect
-B lenders and Private Lenders base approvals on common sense and equity position
-You can purchase now, what is a great way to immediately build equity. Also real estate values are increasing, your equity getting larger.

If You are interested to know more, request a FREE Mortgage Consulting Session.

MortgagePRO Ltd. is a licensed Mortgage Brokerage in the province of Alberta, British Columbia and Have Funding Partners, Co-Brokers Across Canada!

More we help you with:

Once You established home ownership, we will help you to eliminate issues, the banks turned your application down. Our Debt Elimination Program will enable us to move you into Bankable position, opens the door for a refinance in due time with a major A lender for the best available and lowest rate on the market.

Smart move, pre-approve!